Excellent article regarding computer security…

I know this is supposed to be a blog about my life in the Middle Kingdom and all, but there’s just too much interesting stuff going on back home to ignore it.

Here is an article from the Silent Circle folks about trusted computing. Essentially, at the absolute bottom, unless you mined the ore yourself you can’t be absolutely sure you’re not bugged.

I wonder about his remarks on microcode–that stuff built into the foundation of the computing hardware we all use. How many of these little black plastic components are built in this country, and what do you suppose the odds are that some little bit of nefarious code could be installed–and not detected because we’re not looking for it? Given that there is such a thing as a State Owned Enterprise, “a corporation acting like a country” could it seems to me be in a perfect position to modify what it produces for the world market. Who in the world will take the time and effort–and the bill–for such an investigation? Oh, my.

Twitter / KenTenTen: Excellent article regarding ….

via Twitter / KenTenTen: Excellent article regarding ….