Why It’s Great to Be a Young Catholic | Crisis Magazine

Why It’s Great to Be a Young Catholic | Crisis Magazine.

Three reasons why it’s great to be a young Catholic, says this writer, are:

  1. Sex, sex and sexy sex.
    An outstanding explanation of the Church’s teaching about Holy Sex: “[It’s] not safe and sterile, but rather it is so dangerous, so very potent and powerful, that it should only occur between two individuals who have made dire oaths not to run away from it. She says — restating a truth humanity has forgotten — that sex creates life, and that it is mind-blowingly adventurous for this very reason: Two will become one flesh, and that flesh will learn to walk, love, burn with fire for God, die, and spend eternity with Him.”
  2. The lack of ‘youthiness’  “[I]f the youth are simply human beings in the state of being young, then all they want is exactly what all human beings want: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Sure, they might want it with a more obnoxious passion, and with a painful lack of knowledge, maturity, and understanding — but the desire is the same.”
  3. The rebellion. “ Real, Catholic rebellion is having virtue next to the man who does not. It is to have love, drinking at a bar full of men who know only lust. It is to sow light in the darkness, to throw Hope into this fumbling, despairing world like a Molotov cocktail and to feed its flames with a reckless joy. It is living “in the world but not of the world,” yes — but it is also living in the absolute confidence that the Truth we hold can save the world.”

A quick read for those who read quickly. An enticing invitation to those seeking truth.