Seven point plan to redefine sexuality and marriage has my head nodding in agreement. What’s our plan?

So far, I think this effort hasn’t made it into China. Ha! I wonder what the local marriage registration office would have to say. Nevertheless, this is a succinct treatment of the strategy the Stateside activists seem to be using. Steve Cornell wrote this at Wisdom for Life:

Seven point plan to redefine sexuality and marriage.

This is a vexing problem for many of us citizens, and especially for those who profess Christianity. It’s hard to muster the strength to argue when the terms are defined by the opposition in a way that portrays argument as un-Christian.

I’m reminded that most Christian beliefs only became written doctrine upon challenge. Nobody felt the need to write it all down — and indeed, most of our doctrine remained verbally traditional until someone adopted a divergent belief. Only when challenged did the Church find it necessary to meet, consider, and publish the truth. We reduced to writing the things we believed when someone else wrote heresy, having been entirely satisfied beforehand to know the truth without having to read it. In other words (if I understand this correctly) a good portion of Christian doctrine is counter-argument to heresy.

Which thought allows me to opine that we now are attempting (some better than others) to counter-argue the question of marriage from a similar position — we know what it is, all right, but until recently we haven’t had to argue the truth we’ve traditionally accepted. Now that we have a well-prepared opposition confronting us, we must gather together our thoughts and promulgate the truth about marriage as we have routinely come to accept it — as your parents did, and theirs, and theirs.

This is actually not an easy task for many of us, it appears. Certainly not for me.